Zombie Pizza Review

22 Nov
November 22, 2010

Zombie Pizza is a cutesy, yet disgusting horror puzzle game, created by Appy Entertainment, where your goal is to make pizzas that a zombie would enjoy, to keep the attention off of you long enough to survive.

The object to zombie pizza is to build pizzas using your finger to drag and drop items from the conveyor belt, then once the pizza is built use your finger to flick the pizza into the oven. Watch out though, waste too much time and you’ll fill up the Zombie rage meter if that happens, then its game over. You have a variety of disgusting ingredients such as eyeballs, brains (mmmm brains), hearts, bones and guts. Each combination of 4 items creates a different item on the menu. For example 4 toppings of the same time = the Gut Buster and 2 different items = The Split dog.

The art style of the game is fantastic, and sound effects are exactly what I would expect from a game with zombies, but one thing I did have some trouble a little with the gameplay. May have just been my iphone, but at times I had some difficulty grabbing some of the items and placing them on the pizza. Other that minor detail I still had fun with the game.

With plenty of levels to keep you busy, 3 different medals to be earned for each and an increasing difficulty each level, Zombie Pizza will keep you busy for a while and is easily worth the 99¢ price tag, I mean come on it’s got zombies in it! Besides, try getting gold on every level, it’s quite a bit more difficult then you would think. Oh and one other thing, don’t put the broccoli on the pizza, zombies hate that!

Zombie Pizza was provided for review by the publisher.

Zombie Pizza

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; Rated E

Developer: Appy Entertainment

Publisher: Appy Entertainment

Release: Sep 18, 2009

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