Zombie Apocalypse Review

21 Nov
November 21, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse is a top down dual-joystick shooter created by Nihilistic Software and published by Konami. You play as 1 of 4 selectable characters in the game and battle the undead through 55 levels that’s set in 7 varied environments. During the course of the campaign, you will rescue human survivors and fight off waves of zombies using a wide range of weaponry that include basic firearms such as shotguns and sniper rifles, to more complex hardware like flame throwers and rocket launchers. The game can be played single player or with up to 3 others via online or locally.

Zombie Apocalypse’s game play was clearly inspired by other top down shooters such as Smash TV and Robotron. The goal here is to survive through 55 levels of brainless zombies trying to turn you into one of them. One thing you’ll notice about the controls is how nice Zombie Apocalypse plays. Right stick to shoot and Left stick to run around. After saving uninfected innocents you are given teddy bears with C4 attached to them. You can toss these out when you get into a bind and it attracts the zombies giving you a chance to get away and watch your zombie foes explode.

As you survive each day, the next becomes more intense and difficult. The longer you survive the more difficult the zombies become. Along with plenty of different zombies, you also have a nice variety of weapons, that are dropped down for you to use. For some intense close combat don’t forget to bust out that chain saw and start hacking zombies into nice bite size pieces.

Co-op play in Zombie Apocalypse is a blast. Not having to share the screen with everyone is nice and you can be on one side of the map and your co-op partner can be slaying zombies on the other side. One thing that did bother me was at one point one of our connections dropped and we had to restart. Not from the beginning I might add, thankfully you can choose to start at the last day you survived and finish the game.

Replay Value is definitely high on Zombie Apocalypse as you progress through each day you unlock new modes to try out later on, not having to worry about starting over is a nice plus too as you are given unlimited amounts of continues. If that’s not enough for you take on your friends scores in the leaderboards, just remember, when you have to use a continue, the score starts over. To help along with your score there’s also a multiplier that helps you boost score up rather quickly the longer you survive, especially when you start getting up near a 100x multiplier and each zombie kill is worth well over 5000 points.

Overall Zombie Apocalypse is a fantastic game, if you’re a fan of Left 4 Dead, Zombie Apocalypse brings you the top down, extremely addicting version. I have very few complaints about Zombie Apocalypse, for $10 you really can’t go wrong. Online play is excellent, plenty of game modes and zombies to slay, nice variety of weapons, and overall good fun, makes this game a must buy.

Rating: ★★★★☆

A copy of Zombie Apocalypse was provided for review purposes by the publisher.


Zombie Apocalypse

Platform: PSN, Xbox LIVE; Rated M

Developer: Nihilistic Software

Publisher: Konami

Release: September 23, 2009

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