Why is Words With Friends worth downloading?

13 Jan
January 13, 2012

If you love playing on your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo console, then you are sure to own a portable console, or have plenty of fun applications on your phone to amuse yourself when you are on the go. But games can be made even more fun when you are playing against your friends.

Some phone applications require an internet connection. This allows you to go online and play against your friends, or other online gamers. So if you have a contract with a network like O2 or Three, and you have installed the unlimited internet bundle, you might be interested in reading all about the fun online game, Words With Friends, which has become popular worldwide.

Words With Friends

If you like Scrabble, then this is the perfect game for you. This free application allows you to play against your friends on a virtual Scrabble board. Just like the classic board game, each letter has a different score value and bonus points can be gained by placing words over a double or triple letter square. In addition, you can switch the board over to the chat panel which allows you to interact with your opponent during the game.

Words With Friends also has a link with Facebook; you simply click on the ‘F’ icon which will display the friends who are online and ready to play.

The funny thing about this game is that a number of bizarre words are accepted, such as AZ or QI, and if they are placed on a special scoring square, you can earn many bonus points. Alec Baldwin, star of the hit US comedy 30 Rock, was recently kicked off an aeroplane after he was told numerous times by staff to stop playing the game after phones were asked to be switched off. It really is that fun!

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