Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

21 Nov
November 21, 2010

In Wanted: Weapons of Fate, you play as Wesley Gibson, who continues his transformation into a full-fledged assassin, and heir to a legacy of a secret fraternity of assassins. He continues his quest with a new mission to seek out the French chapter of The Fraternity, hunt down The Immortal and finally discover the truth about his family.

Once you get the hang of everything the gameplay is fun, but repetitive. These days though what game isn’t repetitive? Once you learn how to curve the bullet, everything becomes much easier and entertaining. The cover system is nice and extremely helpful; you pretty much have to rely on it through the entire game. Once you get into cover you can lean out and shoot your target or hit “A” to dash to the next cover. The game also features bullet time when you build up enough adrenaline. Once in cover, with the required amount of adrenaline, you lean out and press “Y” to enter bullet time. The controls were definitely solid and easy to get used to. There weren’t a whole lot of options available to use for controls since you really spend most of your time in cover and curving your bullets.

The game is so short you’ll definitely want to play through it again. I was able to finish the game on Assassin difficulty easily in 3½ hours. A lot of the achievements have to do with playing through the game multiple times. I really had no problem starting over and using different tactics to take out my enemies. Plus I ended up coming across a few things I missed the first time through.

The game can be very short the first time through the game, but repeated play is necessary as you’ll be able to unlock new characters, game modes, concept art, and more. The level in the demo really did the game no justice and was a horrible choice to use, although I see why they did it, since it didn’t spoil any of the story. At first I wasn’t very impressed with the game, until I learned how to curve the bullet that’s when the fun began. After you get the hang of curving the bullet the game becomes much easier. I played through the game the first time on Assassin difficulty (medium) since you have to unlock Killer (hard). The only issue for me was the lack of variety of weapons in the game. You get to use a turret a few times in the game and a sniper rifle a couple of times, but your main 2 weapons are 2 sub-machine guns and a handgun. If anything at least give the game a rent. I’m not sure I would really recommend buying it, as it really is too short, to justify paying full price for.


Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Platform: PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,PC; Rated M

Developer: Grin

Publisher: Universal Studios

Release: March 17, 2009

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