Tradewinds 2: iPhone Review

23 Nov
November 23, 2010

Tradewinds 2 iPhone is the iPhone version of Sandlot Games’ hit series, Tradewinds.

You have a choice of story mode or free trade mode in Tradewinds 2, Story mode allows you the choice of 4 different characters at first (you can later unlock another after completing your first playthrough) or you can create your own character. Free trade mode allows you to jump right into the action. You start off with the options to purchase goods at the stores or battle pirates in the seas. Sometimes pirates will take over a port and you will have to free them. These battles can be much harder than normal pirate encounters but the end rewards are much higher.

Your goal in story mode is to make yourself as wealthy as possible and defeat the terrible pirate Sebastian LaRoche. There are several ways to make yourself wealthy; you can complete tasks for Governors, battle pirates in the seas, or by buying items from stores and selling them for more in other towns.

Quick tip: Keep an eye on prices in the shops, pretty soon you will be able to see what is a good deal and what is not as prices change quite frequently, another thing to watch out for is trading tobacco or Wine as some towns will take your contraband and you will lose a lot of money.

You can purchase weapons, repair your ship and also buy new ships from the shipyard. Make sure to always repair your ship every chance you get since there isn’t a shipyard at every port. I would also purchase as many weapons as possible every chance you get too.

Along the way you encounter new friends that for a small price, will give you added bonuses to your ship, such as faster attack speeds, or always avoid storms. You can also purchase voodoo dolls that cost an outrageous amount of money but will make your journeys much safer and easier.

Even after you complete all your missions in Tradewinds 2 you can continue to travel the seas and build up your riches. Thus the game never really ends. Tradewinds 2 for the iPhone is by far one of my favorite games I’ve played yet, for $4.99 you get countless hours of fun. If you’ve played any of the Tradewinds games on PC then you’ll definitely want to check out Tradewinds 2 on iPhone.


Tradewinds 2

Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch; Rated E

Developer: Sandlot Games

Publisher: Sandlot Games

Release: August 13, 2009

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