The Godfather 2 Review

21 Nov
November 21, 2010

On the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed, and you must take the reins and lead your battered organization. Success breeds opportunity, so when Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, the Corleone Family calls upon you to reestablish its operation in New York and expand into a new territory — Miami. Build up your arsenal, build alliances, and make whatever deals you need to as you fight off attacks and strike back at your rivals. There will be a price on your head and a target on your back, but don’t take it personally. After all, it’s only business.

The controls were difficult to get used to, it felt like everything was in the wrong spot and I was constantly pressing the wrong buttons. I found a lot of the time I was trying to reload and ended up switching to melee instead. There are so many things you have to do with the controller that it starts to feel kind of cluttered. The plus side of the controls was the Don’s View, sending your crew to take over or defend other rackets was done easily by pressing a few buttons.

Gameplay was fun but seemed to lack content, you have only a few things you can do on the side, crack safes or do favors for people. Some favors benefit you more than others, the normal people will give you tips on killing and the more important owe you a bigger favor, like calling off the cops or ordering a sting on one of the rival families. Once you’ve cracked all the safes there really isn’t a whole lot left you can do. Controlling your crew was fairly simple but half the time you would have to backtrack to get them to follow you so you could get them to do what you wanted. A few times my medic was stuck running into a wall while I laid dying 3 feet from him. Interrogations are back and still fun. There is nothing more satisfying, than smacking around the owner of an illegal operation, to get him to pay you instead of the rival family.

Once you’ve finished the story and cleaned up everything else, like cracking safes and tracking down the weapons upgrades, all that’s left it doing pointless favors for people. Without anymore made men to kill, the favors are only for cash. You can easily upgrade all of your men by the end of the game, so money really becomes worthless, since there isn’t much you can buy.

The game was a lot shorter than I had hoped for and the lack of things to do in the open world is kind of upsetting. I had hoped they would have added more content after the first one not taken away from it. The addition of the Dons View was a major improvement to the last game. I felt like you were rushed through the game with small cut scenes and repetitive missions. I never really felt challenged throughout the game and was able to easily complete it in 3 days with nothing left to do. Once again, I can’t really justify the purchase of the game, I’d recommend renting it.


The Godfather 2

Platform: PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,PC; Rated M

Developer: EA Redwood Shores

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release: April 7, 2009

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