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Duke Nukem Forever Review

30 Jun
June 30, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever has received some of the most controversial reviews I think I’ve ever read, starting with the larger sites blasting it, and the smaller sites following, sheep-like, in their footsteps. It seemed more like a competition to see who could write the most scathing review, rather than anyone actually giving the game a fair chance. Was Duke Nukem Forever worth the wait? Let’s find out. Read more →

L.A. Noire Review

17 May
May 17, 2011

Let me start by getting this out of the way first thing, L.A. Noire was NOT developed by Rockstar, it was developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar. What does this mean? Well, if you’re expecting to go into L.A. Noire and play Grand Theft Auto Cops Edition, then you’re in for a huge disappointment. The only thing Grand Theft Auto about L.A. Noire Read more →

Red Dead Redemption Review

24 Nov
November 24, 2010

In Red Dead Redemption, you play as John Marston, outlaw turned rancher trying to live a normal life. Well, it probably would have been normal if other people didn’t have a different idea on how John should be living his life. You begin your journey in a small town called Armadillo, set out to find one of your old friends, Bill Williamson, to bring him to justice and satisfy the men who have taken your family as collateral to ensure you complete your task. Read more →

Split/Second Review

24 Nov
November 24, 2010

Ever wonder what would happen if Michael Bay made a video game? Well, now you no longer have to. Take 1 part Burnout and 2 parts Michael Bay’s directing and you get Split/Second, is this such a bad thing? No, not really. Split/Second is an intense action based racing game brought to you by the Blackrock studio, creators of the hit ATV racing game, Pure.

Split/Second is designed to feel like a reality TV game show, the races are divided into 12 seasons of 6 races each; each season consists of a few different types of races like your standard race, elimination and aerial assault. Since most of you are familiar with the first 2 I’ll explain aerial assault. Aerial assault is as a race where you have to avoid on oncoming assault of rockets from a helicopter. You have to continue to avouch them until you reach first place, simple right, not at all. It can actually be extremely frustrating trying to dodge all the rockets being thrown at you especially when you’re about to capture first place and end up driving right into a rocket out of nowhere. Even though aerial assault is frustrating it’s still one of my favorite modes in the game.

I suppose you’re probably asking what makes Split/Second different from all the other racing games out there, well for starters there are power plays, power plays are what can make or break your race if an opponent is too far ahead of you. If you happen to find yourself down a few positions drop a power play on your opponent and send the exploding into oblivion, or just a few spots back. Power plays can be anything from dropping bridges in front of your opponent to blowing up buses into them. Power plays aren’t the only thing that can help you regain your lead there’s also route changers, this is probably one of the greatest things in Split/Second, at any given time the track can be completely changed giving you another advantage to get ahead of your opponents.

I really only have a few issues about Split/Second, my first though it the rubber band AI. Nothing can be more frustrating than blasting your opponents, getting out in the lead only to be passed up at the last second of the race and lose. If I take the lead in a racing game I want to be able to hold that lead and not have to worry about the AI catching me at the last second and passing me for the win.

Overall Split/Second is a great racing game, if you enjoy high speed, intense action racing, then Split/Second is definitely the game for you. There are plenty of tracks to keep you busy for awhile and plenty of hours to be spent online destroying your friends in multiplayer.

Split/Second was provided for review by the publisher.



Platform: PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,PC,PSP; Rated E10

Developer: Black Rock Studio

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

Release: April 22, 2010

Hyperballoid HD Review

24 Nov
November 24, 2010

If you’ve ever played Arkanoid or Break Out, then you’ll know what Hyperballoid HD is all about, if you haven’t then I’ll give you a quick summary, basically it’s a game where your objective is to bounce a ball off a paddle to try and break bricks. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it’s not just that simple, there are challenges thrown into the mix, such as unbreakable bricks, moving bricks and consequences for picking up the wrong kind of power ups. No worries though, you’re also given upgrades, such as lasers, multiball, larger paddle and many others to easily get through each level without many any problems. Read more →