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Black and White with Color part 2

31 Oct
October 31, 2011

I’ve really started to enjoy a black and white background with one object in color. I’ve found that for me, the best photos to use, are ones of flowers. I’m actually considering getting this one done on canvas after I clean up the bugs on the flower’s leaves in Photoshop. Photo was taken at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

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Washington Flowers

07 Aug
August 7, 2011

A variety of different flowers grown around my father’s house in Washington. Taken using a 50mm f1/8 lens on my Canon 7D.

Ocean Shores Jetty

03 Aug
August 3, 2011

Growing up in Ocean Shores, Washington, I rarely took time to visit the jetty. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated how massive and amazing it really is. I guess it finally took me coming back as somewhat of a tourist, to truly appreciate what had been built to protect the people who lived on the farthest end of Ocean Shores.

Taken in Ocean Shores, Washington, using a Canon 7D.

Washington Hummingbirds

02 Aug
August 2, 2011

My Step-Mother has figured a mixture of sugar and water that she fills the hummingbird feeder with that makes them go crazy for it. As we were sitting out on the deck watching them return over and over for more, I decided it was a great opportunity to get some shots is.

Taken at Gray Gables, Washington, using a Canon 7D.

Morning Mist: Gray Gables

01 Aug
August 1, 2011

Our final morning in Washington we woke up to a nice misty morning. I looked off in the distance and saw an excellent photo opportunity which ended up with the photo above.

Taken on July 24th 2011 in Gray’s Harbor Hills, at Gray Gables, using a Canon 7D.