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Pure Aloha Festival, Las Vegas 2011

10 Oct
October 10, 2011

A few times a year in Las Vegas, there is a Hawaiian themed festival called the Pure Aloha Festival. The latest being the 10th annual at the Silverton Casino. At the Festival, attendee’s can try different Hawaiian foods, play carnival games, enjoy a few different acts on stage, and ride carnival rides. This was my first year attending, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The entry fee was $7 per person and any rides/food was extra, as to be expected with any event. From what I tried, food wasn’t too bad, though, there was a lot of traditional Hawaiian food I would have loved to see there. Overall I couldn’t complain too much. After a few hours there we’d seen everything there was to see, played all the carnival games we wanted and eaten everything we were there for. For $7 the Pure Aloha Festival was well worth the price of admission. If you get a chance to attend next year, go for it. It’s a good way to spend a day with the family.

Year of the Rabbit

24 Jan
January 24, 2011

This year is The Year of the The Rabbit, so the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, is getting into the spirit of things and changed their conservatory & botanical gardens to celebrate. Since my son was born in the year of the rabbit I decided we’d better drop in and check things out.

Fun fact:
Apparently people born in the year of the rabbit are said to be articulate, talented, and ambitious.

Las Vegas Spray Paint Artist

18 Jan
January 18, 2011

While checking out Fremont in Las Vegas for the first time, I happened to come across this amazing painter, who only used cans of spray paint and a few tools to create amazing works of art. Don’t forget to watch in 1080 or 720 if you can!

Fun in the Snow: Mt. Charleston

17 Jan
January 17, 2011

Spent part of the day at Mt. Charleston taking pictures of people sledding and the scenery. Some great shots of the mountains surrounding the play area.