Scrap Metal Review

24 Nov
November 24, 2010

Scrap metal is a top down demolition style racing game brought to you buy Slick Entertainment, creators of the hit title N+. Coming from slick Entertainment I had high expectations for Scrap Metal, I loved N+ so I hoped I would be able to find the same love in Scrap Metal.

If you’ve ever played Twisted Metal, then you should know that cars with guns strapped to them are a recipe for badass. Well sometimes that’s the case, not really so much with Scrap Metal. Let’s start off by talking about my biggest complaint; the controls. The controls felt quite sloppy, I found myself constantly resetting my car or getting stuck and weapons didn’t seem to help out much, even after you’ve upgraded everything you could on cars they still didn’t seem to be weapons of destruction like I had hoped.

One thing I will give Scrap Metal is the amount of missions and roster of vehicles it brings to the table, although you are only given 4 garage spots for your vehicles so unlocking 20 doesn’t really do you much good. Make sure to save your upgrade cash, you may end up wasting your cash early on upgrading vehicles that really do you no good.

Overall I feel Scrap Metal at 1200 ms points ($15) is too steep of a price, although you do get over 60 races and quite a few different modes, a nice roster of vehicles and decent online play, the sloppy controls and lack of fun factor is just not enough for me to justify the purchase. If they happen to release a patch to fix the controls, then I would most likely change my mind about how I feel about Scrap Metal, but until then, it’s just not my cup of tea. Try out the demo first and see if it’s something that you might enjoy, or possibly wait till the price drops before you go spending your space bucks on this title.

Scrap Metal was provided for review by the publisher.


Scrap Metal

Platform: XBLA; Rated E10

Developer: Slick Entertainment Inc.

Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade

Release: April 10th, 2010

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