Rogue Warrior Review

23 Nov
November 23, 2010

Rogue Warrior is a FPS where you play as Dick Marcinko aka Demo Dick, real life founder of Seal Team 6 and the Seals most effective killing machine, voiced by Mickey Rourke. Rogue Warrior is published by Bethesda and created by Rebellion.

Oh, Rogue Warrior, I really wanted to love you, I really did, I have played a lot of disappointing games in my time and Rogue Warrior is definitely one of my top ten, Rogue Warrior has a lot of issues and flaws so I guess the question is where to start? I’ll begin with the gameplay.

The gameplay is frustrating and somewhat broken, it’s supposed to be somewhat of a stealth game, but the AI is so bad you are easily able to run up on an enemy at full speed and perform an instant kill, that is if you can get the instant kill to work properly, half the time I would try and perform an instant kill and end up just standing there pressing the button over and over again with no results. Another issue with the instant kill is when you go into a kill scene you become basically invulnerable, allowing you to bum rush enemy after enemy and not worry about being killed. Gunplay is a mess and a lot of the time I would shoot an enemy 3 or 4 times only to have him keel over in pain, jump back up, and shout “Surprise! You didn’t really hit me!” (Not really), then run and hide like nothing ever happened. The AI all look alike and really don’t seem to know what’s going on around them at all, making even the most difficult setting easy to get through.

Parents be warned; the M rating on the box should not be overlooked. Though I found it rather comical and probably the best thing about the game was some of the stuff that comes out of Demo Dick’s mouth, most of which I shall not repeat. I’m pretty sure most parents probably won’t find the humor in it like I did. Especially when he tells his enemies to suck his hairy… uh never mind.

The story is kind of scattered and doesn’t give you a whole lot of detail it mainly focuses on Dick’s foul mouth, his ability to stab a lot of people and blow shit up. Not only is the story scattered, but it’s extremely short, I finished the first time through in 3 1/2 hours on medium difficulty and a 1 1/2 hours on easy. Yeah, I played it twice, it went by so fast the first time I thought I missed something, turns out I didn’t. The graphics are mediocre and lack detail, enemies seem like clones of each other and the environments all look pretty much the same.

Multiplayer for Rogue Warrior wasn’t too bad, but not great either, once again the sloppy gameplay made things disappointing and frustrating, I was really hoping it would redeem some of my faith back into the game, but again I found myself disappointed. You can play the usual Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch games but there’s not a whole lot of variety of levels or people playing online for that matter.

Overall Rogue Warrior was a disappointment, sloppy gameplay, dumb AI, and nothing that really sets it apart from all the other FPS shooters out there. Unfortunately, not even Mickey Rourke was able to save this game with his voice overs. I’m sure Demo Dick is a badass in real life, but Rogue Warrior fails to make me feel like I just played as one. The achievements/trophies do come fairly easy, but sadly that just isn’t enough to push this game to greatness. If you get a chance to rent Rogue Warrior, go for it, but other than that or a bargain bin sale, I would save my money for something else.

Rogue Warrior was provided for review by the publisher.


Rogue Warrior

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC; Rated M

Developer: Rebellion Developments

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release: December 1, 2009

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