Redondo Beach Lobster Festival 2011

10 Oct
October 10, 2011

A few weekends ago, while browsing Groupon we came across a Lobster Festival that was taking place in Redondo Beach. We were planning on heading to Santa Monica anyways for the weekend so we thought, why not and bought the Groupon. That night I had big dreams filled with delicious lobster dishes to come. After spending a few hours in Santa Monica, we headed to Redondo Beach for the Lobster Festival. Upon arriving, the festival looked huge, and my mouth began to water, I could already imagine the delicious lobster dishes we were about to enjoy. As we entered the gate, I noticed the price of admission was $12 per person for adults and $5 for children 6-12. Thankfully we’d purchased the Groupon so we saved quite a bit on admission.

We entered and I immediately started scoping out the food booths… all 7 or so of them. I thought “Ok, that can’t be right” and began walking around to make sure there weren’t some hidden further on in the festival, but sadly there was not. Here’s the kicker, only 2 of those booths were serving a lobster dish. That’s right, dish. One had Lobster macaroni and the other had lobster balls. That was it. Unless you wanted to pay $33 for a 1.25lb lobster dinner or $53 for a 2lb lobster dinner! I couldn’t believe that was it. Thank god we hadn’t paid the full price of admission, otherwise we would have been even more disappointed. I couldn’t even figure out why it was even called a lobster fest seeing how lobster was extremely scarce. We ended up heading home hungry swearing to never return. The festival had plenty of entertainment, but lacked what was the theme of the festival was supposed to be. Instead of it being called a lobster festival, I would suggest changing the misleading title to something else.


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