My Top 5 Free Apps for Android

14 Jun
June 14, 2011

I’ve had my Droid X since in August of 2010, though we’ve had our ups and downs, I still have a hard time getting through the day without it. Here are some of my favorite free apps that make it that much better.

1. Shopkick – If you live in a decent size area, then you need to check out Shopkick. If you don’t it probably won’t be of much use to you. Shopkick is an app that lets you earn points just from walking into stores and scanning items. You then take these points and redeem them for gift cards. I started using Shopkick in November of 2010, I’ve since earned over 20,000 points and redeemed for well over $200 in gift cards. During the holidays, they held daily giveaways and gave away 1000’s of points. My wife and I both won a few thousand points each.

2. Tweetdeck – If you use Twitter and Facebook and get tired of switching back and forth, you should definitely check out Tweetdeck. You can easily manage multiple accounts, upload photos, quickly shorten urls, and interact with your Facebook friends. I’ve tried most of the the twitter apps and so far none have suited my needs quite like Tweetdeck does.

3. Kindle – If you’re into ebooks, you need to grab the Kindle app, it’s free, and quickly syncs with your Amazon account across all your Kindle devices. Before I bought my Kindle, this was all I used for reading; you can adjust the size of the text as well as the background color to make things easier on your eyes. Give it a shot; there are plenty of free books on the Amazon Kindle store to get you started.

4. Words with Friends – Words with Friends is an extremely addictive scrabble-like game, you can play with random people or even friends who own iPhones too. The only downside to this app are the ads, after each move you’re taken to an ad that you have to close out of to get back to your game. At the moment there is no paid version to remove the ads either. Hopefully, a paid version is coming to Android soon.

5. Slacker Radio – I never could get into Pandora, I wanted to be able to customize my stations a bit more, so a friend suggested I try Slacker. I’ve been using Slacker for almost 8 months now every day while at work, It’s very convenient to use and nice to be able to tailor my stations to my liking. I upgraded to the paid version shortly after trying it so I could have unlimited song skips and full control of my stations. The only downside to Slacker is the amount of data it uses up, I probably wouldn’t recommend this to someone not on an unlimited data plan.

Bonus – Sign up for the Amazon app store. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love using the Amazon app store, you can easily purchase apps through the Amazon store app or even itself, plus they give away a FREE paid app every day.

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