My First Gaming Rig Build

21 Apr
April 21, 2013

So I recently decided it was finally time to build a gaming rig. At first, my plan was to buy a Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet, but after pre-ordering at midnight and being told I wouldn’t receive one until May, I decided to cancel my pre-order and build a gaming rig instead. Could not be happier with my decision, by the time I would have finished buying all the accessories for the Razer Edge Pro, I’d be pretty close to the cost of my build.

I’ll include links to everything I put into my build in case you feel like doing the same.


I’m currently around $2200 (rough guesstimate) into my build and pretty much finished besides a new power supply and another Graphics card to SLI in the future.

What I got for $2200:

I purchased a lot of the stuff fro Fry’s and Amazon, I had Fry’s price match as much as I could so I didn’t have to have a whole lot of items shipped. The biggest problem I found with Fry’s was a lot of their items were repackaged.

Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case – Link

ASUS Sabertooth Z77 – Link

Intel I7 3770k – Link

Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler – Link

Cooler Master Silent Pro 80plus Gold (800w) – Link

32 gb 4×8 Corsair Vengeance Ram – Link

Gigabyte Geforce GTX670 Windforce – Link

LG DVD/Blu-Ray Combo – Link

SilverStone 3.5″ Card Reader – Link

Samsung 840 250GB SSD – Link

6 Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition Twin Pack Fan – Link

This was my first ever build, so it was quite intimidating. I cheated and had Fry’s do the cpu installation into the motherboard, but I did everything else on my own, thanks to plenty of forum posts and YouTube videos. After I was finished, I ended going back through and reorganizing all the wires, but it’s still not as clean as I wanted them to be.

Performance wise, so far I’ve been able to run Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, and BioShock Infinite on Max settings with no issues at all. I hear Battlefield 3 is tough to run, but I haven’t picked up a copy yet, since Battlefield 4 is already on its way out. One of the thing I’m happiest about though, is how well Lightroom 4 runs now while editing photos. No lag while making adjustments and much quicker switching back and forth from photo to photo.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new desktop from a retailer, you may want to look into building your own first, you could end up with a lot more bang for your buck. It’s definitely intimidating, but absolutely worth it.

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