Metro Last Light Teaser Trailer

01 Jun
June 1, 2011

Last year one of my favorite games of the year, was Metro 2033. It did what so many other games are afraid to do, stayed away from multiplayer and brought an amazing single player experience, this is something that is lacking in so many games today. Unfortunately this year they broke down and took the BioShock 2 approach and are adding multiplayer. BioShock 2 ended up being a huge disappointment and a DLC slopfest, filled with unplayable maps and below average multiplayer, sadly even the single player suffered.

Lets hope this is not the case with Metro, especially since I now have a bit of a hatred for THQ’s new multiplayer tactics. Online passes, you may or may not have heard or encountered them. Here’s how they work: If you buy a new copy of the game you get a code with the game to enable online play, if you don’t, you have to pay $10 to be able to play online (with Homefront it was to be able to pass rank 5). Homefront was THQ’s first horrible attempt at it. I personally ended up with an invalid battle code, from what I’ve determined from various forums and blogs, I was not the only one. So in order to get the full experience of my game, I had to spend an extra $10 on top of the $60 I’d already spent. Lame.

Anyways, I’ll shut up now, check out the teaser trailer.

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