Kuros Review

21 Nov
November 21, 2010

Kuros is an object adventure game, filled with plenty of puzzles and an excellent story. You awake in Kuros as Katya, a witty, young explorer with a slight case of memory loss. Kuros is a mysterious and visually stunning, alien world in desperate need of a hero to save it from complete destruction.

When you first begin Kuros, you may get the idea that this is a just simple puzzle game, but Kuros is far from it. The beginning puzzles are quite easy and don’t require much thought, but the farther you venture into the game, the puzzles become much more challenging and will have you exercising your brain and eyes on almost every new puzzle you come across. The puzzles are not too challenging though, any member of the family will be able to jump into the game and not become frustrated with impossible to complete puzzles. The biggest issues I had solving anything was some of the hidden objects. They did an excellent job hiding objects throughout the world, almost too well. If you have children I recommend calling them in to help with the hidden objects, I know mine was quite the life saver.

The different realms in Kuros are visually impressive, each realm represents a different element, Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Aether. You will find you won’t have to save this world alone; you are assisted by plenty of allies to help you complete your quests. One thing I found quite appealing was the ability to travel back to the old realms you visited, they are also included in puzzles you encounter later on in the game. The voice acting in the game was somewhat cheesy, but not too bad, Katya’s witty, sarcastic humor was definitely enjoyable.

Even though I’m a hardcore gamer I still had a great time playing Kuros. It was nice to kick back and exercise my brain instead of mindlessly shooting things. If you’re looking for a game to entertain the entire family then Kuros is definitely for you. Though a bit short, there are more the enough puzzles to keep you interested, not only that the variety of puzzles is amazing. For only $9.99 you get much more then you pay for, I would definitely say Sandlot games did an excellent job on this game.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Platform: PC; Rated E

Developer: Sandlot Games

Publisher: Sandlot Games

Release: Sep 21, 2009

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