Just Cause 2 Review

24 Nov
November 24, 2010

When I first started Just Cause 2, I fully expected to walk away disappointed. The first one was filled with glitches and other issues that made the game unplayable for me. So needless to say, I was extremely surprised when I realized just how much I was going to enjoy Just Cause 2. You play as Rico Rodriguez, secret agent, sent in to cause chaos, jack helicopters and grapple his way around the island of Panau.

You are given 2 tools to work with to make your way around the island, your grapple hook and your parachute, which combined make for an excellent way to get places without having to hunt down vehicles or quickly escape enemies. Not only can you use the grapple hook to travel from building to building quickly, you can also you use it to whip enemies, attach it to enemies, hang them to trees or building, or attach them to a car and take the for a fun ride, fun for you, not them of course. Parachute and grappling hook not enough to get you around Panau quickly? Well, no need to worry there are 104 unique vehicles in the game to keep you occupied, from boats, to helicopters, to planes to motorcycles and cars there are always some modes of transportation available. If vehicles aren’t quick enough for you then give your friend a call and fast travel to any locations you’ve discovered.

The island of Panau is huge, and one of the most impressive things you will find about Just Cause 2 is no loading screens while traveling the entire island. The only time you will ever get loading screens is during cut scenes or after you die (obviously). There is plenty to do on the island of Panau, if you don’t feel like blowing stuff up (my personal favorite) to cause more chaos around the island, then you can complete faction missions, complete faction missions, Agency missions and discover new locations. Each location has a resources scattered throughout the area along with enemy resources that need to be destroyed before you can get 100%. If you plan to do them all you’re in for a very, very long journey.

I really only have a few complaints about Just Cause 2, my first and biggest would be the driving, driving cars that is, boats, planes and helicopters handle rather nicely, especially the helicopters (easily my vehicle of choice), but the cars drive horrible, most of the time I was fighting to keep my vehicle on the road rather than just drive it, contact with any object sends you spinning out of control and off into a ditch or into oncoming traffic. My next complaint is the ammo, it seemed like I was always running out of ammo, especially in the middle of a bigger battle where ammo was crucial. This is only a minor complaint since you can later upgrade your weapons to hold more ammo, but still, this made for some tough times in the beginning of the game. My final complaint, well, actually not really a complaint, but something I wish was in the game is co-op, this game would have made for such a perfect co-op game, I guess I can always dream right?

Overall Just Cause 2 is an excellent game and will make you forget you ever played the first one. Gamers new to the series will love it and anyone that played the first one will be very impressed, I’ve easily put 50+ hours into Just Cause 2 and I’ve barely even scratched the surface, with future plans for DLC tons of Easter eggs (think LOST) and so much in the game already Just Cause 2 is a definite buy. If you’re having trouble getting used to the controls, give it some time, you’ll get the hang of it and have a great time. Remember if you’re having trouble finding a vehicle or ammo don’t forget to hit down on the d-pad and press Y to call in your black market dealer to hook you up, it’ll make life much easier.

Just Cause 2 was provided for review by the publisher.


Just Cause 2

Platform: PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,PC; Rated M

Developer: Avalanche Studios, Eidos Interactive

Publisher: Square Enix

Release: March 23, 2010

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