How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

27 Jun
June 27, 2011

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Getting lots of traffic, but not seeing much of an increase in your rank? Here’s a very simple way that I’ve seen proven to increase your Alexa rank in no time at all. All it requires is Firefox and a simple addon from Once you realize just how easy this is you’ll probably kick yourself for not figuring it out sooner.

Click here and install the status bar, NOT the Toolbar, just the status bar. If you have staff members, have them install the status bar as well, be sure to set your website as your homepage. Now that you have the status bar installed, all you have to do is browse your site like you normally would. Try to make sure you view around 5-10 posts on your site a day, and you’ll notice a nice increase in Alexa rank in no time at all.

As you can see, my blog is fairly new and already my Alexa rank is improving. I don’t do anything more than visit my site daily to post or check my stats.

Below is my old gaming site,, using the same method combined with a decent amount of traffic already, the Alexa rank was a lot better.

So now you know a very simple way to improve your Alexa rank. I don’t know why it works, I only know it does work, and I’ve seen this method prove itself many times.

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