Food Adventures: Mazatlan

29 Jul
July 29, 2011

In a Washington there is a smaller restaurant chain in a smaller county on the coast of Gray’s Harbor called Mazatlan. Growing up there, it quickly became my wife and my favorite Mexican restaurant. One dish in particular kept me coming back over and over, the Chicken en Mole. Most en Mole sauces I’ve encountered are a spicier, blander sauce, but Mazatlan’s is much sweeter tasting. It’s been 5 years since I’d been back to Gray’s Harbor and my wife and I already knew one stop we definitely had to make was to eat at Mazatlan.

The Chicken en Mole did not disappoint, the sauce was as sweet and tasty as ever and the flour tortillas were fresh and ready to be loaded up with delicious goodness. My wife has always ordered a their chicken burrito, which she too said tasted just as good as it did 5 years ago.

If you ever happen to make it to Aberdeen or Hoquiam, make sure one of your stops is Mazatlan.

Mazatlan Restaurant
720 W Wishkah St
Aberdeen, WA 98520-5937

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