Fairytale Fights Review

23 Nov
November 23, 2010

Fairytale Fights is a hack and slash platformer created by Playlogic. You are given the choice of playing as everyone’s favorite storybook characters, such as Red Riding Hood, Jack of Beanstalk Fame, Snow White and the Naked Emperor, to slice, dice and bash your way through 15 Bloody Chapters in Story Mode and 3 different levels in Arena Mode. Fairytale Fights features 4 player Online Co-op as well as a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from along the way.

Right away you’ll notice the kiddy like graphics as you begin Fairytale Fights, but parents be warned, this game is far from your kid’s typical storybook adventure. There is plenty of blood being spilled and gruesome killing going on throughout the entire game. You start out in a town called Talevale. In Talevale you are given the options to check your stats, bank account, upgrade your characters statue, start you adventure, battle in an arena or change your settings. After each chapter you complete, you are given the option to come back to town to see how you did on your previous adventure or even change characters.

I chose to start my adventure as the default character Jack. The first thing you’ll notice when you start your adventure is the fighting controls, right stick is your attack, R1 is used to pick up and throw weapons and potions. R2 is used to initiate your Glory Attack, Square to drink potions, Circle to push, L1 to switch items and L2 to block. The thing that bothered me right away was the right stick to attack. It made for some frustrating and tiring moments throughout the game, I have a feeling this may cause most gamers to give up fairly easily. However if you do get used to the right stick to attack then you are going to enjoy this game.

Fairytale Fights has its faults like any other games; I’ll start with the platforming. There are a lot of points where you will find yourself jumping off the edges on accident or thinking you are going to land on the next ledge and end up not even being close. I found that a lot of times I would be in the middle of a battle and fight an enemy to the edge of a bridge or cliff and end up falling off with him, although, the only real penalty for dying is losing gold and gems you’ve collected along the way, so you will really never see a game over.

One thing I found quite entertaining was the blood, after each kill blood is spilled onto the ground, once you’ve killed off all your foes you can slide around in their blood. Disgusting? Maybe, but entertaining as hell. The story in Fairytale Fights is actually quite entertaining, and the Quest mode is lasts for quite some time, I spent a good 14-15 hours my first time through the game on quest mode and easily another 5-10 hours chasing after trophies, hidden treasure chests and items.

My second time through Fairytale Fights I decided to have a friend join me. Co-op surprisingly worked out very well. It also made getting through on the hardest difficulty much easier. We rarely experienced any lag and overall had a great time.

Overall Fairytale Fights has quite a few faults and I’m sure will get overlooked with the massive amounts of titles dropping this holiday, if you do happen to get a chance to give it a rent or pick up a copy, then be sure to give the controls a chance before tossing it aside and forgetting about it. You will be happy with the story and the trophies/achievements seem to come fairly easy. Co-op works nicely and over a 140 weapons, along with potions and magic wands to help battle enemies is a nice addition. After getting passed the controls I really did have a good time playing through it.

Fairytale Fights was provided for review by the publisher.


Fairytale Fights

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360; Rated M

Developer: Playlogic Game Factory

Publisher: Playlogic Entertainment

Release: August 13, 2009

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