Fable Coin Golf Review

13 Jul
July 13, 2011

It’s no secret that I’m completely addicted to Fable games, even if Peter Molyneux made me break down and shed a tear after announcing the latest installment to the Fable series was going to be a Kinect title, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. What I am here to talk about is an addicting game based on Fable called Fable Coin Golf.

The objective in Fable Coin Golf is to get your Hero Puck into the circle of light in as few moves as possible, sounds easy right? Well, it is… at first, but then it starts to throw in challenges to make the game more difficult, enemies that when hit without a power up, deduct 50 points from your score, or water that if you happen to slide into, ends your turn which costs you 100 points from your score. There are other obstacles to try and avoid or use to your advantage, like exploding barrels that send your puck flying around the level at high speeds, or heavy forests that can only be infiltrated by strategically sending you puck through a power up to cut down the trees first.

The game is pretty easy to get through and can be done in with 3-4 hours, unless you plan on getting all gold ratings on all levels, then you’re looking at quite a bit more. One of my favorite features in Fable Coin Golf is the ability to earn and transfer weapons and money to your Fable III game on Xbox 360. For each coin you grab, you’re given a 100 gold for Fable III. After completing certain levels, you also unlock special in game weapons for your character to use in Fable III. Pretty cool, eh?

Overall Fable Coin Golf is probably one of my favorite games available for Windows Phone 7. The graphics are great and the gameplay is addicting, there are plenty of levels and challenges to keep you occupied for hours, and the ability to earn bonuses for your Fable III game is just icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend giving Fable Coin Golf a chance there is a trial so download that first if you’re still on the fence.


Platform: Windows Phone 7; Rated E

Developer: Ideaworks Game Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Release: 3/9/2011

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