Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Review

21 Nov
November 21, 2010

In Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard you play as video game action hero, Matt Hazard, who gets his chance to try and prove that he is the king of shooters. The new owner of game publisher, Marathon Megasoft, gives Matt his comeback role starring in a new title for next-gen consoles that pits him against all of his memorable foes from video games past. In the world of Eat Lead, however, everything stops being a game and becomes reality when it is clear that someone is using the new game to bring about Matt’s death.

The gameplay in Matt Hazard was rather sluggish and somewhat frustrating. Unless, you aim constantly for the head, you’ll end up wasting all of your ammo trying to take an enemy with shots to the body. Half the time you miss your target and end up wasting most of your ammo shooting at an enemy that wants to find cover but can’t seem to make up his mind. Melee is pointless, especially in the middle of a fire fight with multiple enemies, it usually takes 3 hits to take an enemy down and by the time you get to the third hit, your pretty much, if not dead already. Boss fight usually ends up being an extremely easy button sequence with very little penalty if you miss or press a button incorrectly.

The controls worked together very nicely, which is one of the very few things the game actually does somewhat decent. Matt’s comments throughout the game were repetitive, yet still somewhat funny, using catch phrases from other games and movies and his very own catch phrase “It’s Hazard Time” never gets old, even though everyone else in the game makes fun of him for it.

It’s really not necessary to play through the game a second time, unless you want to spend another 6 hours to chase the final difficulty achievement. For 60gs it’s really not worth spending another 6 hours playing through it again. Alternatively you can use a cheat code to unlock the final difficultly and only play through once.

If you really don’t have anything else to play, then rent Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard. The gameplay is somewhat frustrating and very repetitive, the humor, however, makes up for the gameplay somewhat. For you achievement whores, it’s an easy 800-1000 gamer score especially if you use a cheat code to unlock the final difficulty.

Rating: ★★½☆☆


Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Platform: PS3/Xbox 360; Rated M

Developer: Vicious Cycle Software

Publisher: D3 Publisher

Release: February 26, 2009

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