Diner Dash Review

23 Nov
November 23, 2010

Diner Dash is an action strategy game, published by Hudson and created by Playfirst, that puts you in the shoes of Flo, Ex stockbroker turned restaurant owner. The object of Diner Dash is to run your restaurant and earn a certain amount of money each day to meet your goal, in order to run your restaurant you have to do all the front end duties of any normal restaurant and try to keep your impatient customers happy, You have to sit your customers, take their orders turn in their orders, bring them their food, take their money and clean the tables. Sounds like a lot of work right? Well, it really is, but in a good fun way.

Diner Dash consists of 2 different game types in single player, career mode where you have to meet a daily goal in 4 different restaurants and endless mode where the game only ends when you lose enough customers to take away all 5 stars.

Career mode is fun and extremely challenging, keeping your customers and meeting your goal means sitting your customers strategically, each of your customers are different colors. After you sit them and they finish eating you can sit a new group of people. If you match the colors that sat in the seat before you get a bonus that counts towards your overall goal. The more people of the same color you sit in the same seat the higher your bonus multiplier becomes. This is extremely important and helpful in the later, extremely difficult rounds.

Endless mode lets you go on as long as you can, throwing tougher customers at you but also allowing you to purchase upgrades like extra tables, faster shoes for lo to walk in, faster ovens and even a drink station to help you please your customers more efficiently.

Diner Dash also includes a couple of multiplayer modes to add to the fun, You can go head to head in tip wars and time wars, play co-op endless mode or play Team Dash online or locally. Team Dash puts 8 players into 4 groups of 2 to compete in endless mode, time wars or tip wars. Only issue I found was without friends to play online, I really couldn’t find any games to get into.

Overall Diner Dash is a great game and very addicting, I found myself spending hours at a time playing through it trying to complete career mode and even playing endless mode. Anyone can easily pick up Diner Dash and start playing it with little issues. If you’re looking for a game the entire family can enjoy and in the mood for some friendly competition, you definitely need to get Diner Dash, for a $10 price tag, you will easily get more than your moneys worth.

Diner Dash was provided for review by the publisher.


Diner Dash

Platform: PSN, Xbox LIVE, WiiWare; Rated E

Developer: GameLab

Publisher: Hudson Soft

Release: November 25, 2009

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