Collectibles: CL4P-TP Autographed Poster

26 Oct
October 26, 2011

Last month Gearbox software announced that they would be selling a very limited amount of CL4P-TP autographed posters, 250 to be exact. I knew right away, this was something I had to have. So the day it was added to their site I sat for hours hitting refresh hoping to be one of the lucky few who get to own a piece of gaming history. Fast forward a month and it has finally arrived. One of the prize pieces of my gaming collection, next to my Nuka-Cola from E3 2008 of course.

The poster is signed by Lorin Wood (Senior Conceptual Designer), Brian Martel (Chief Creative Officer, Borderlands 1 Art Director), David Eddings (Voice of Claptrap), Brent Hollon (Modeler / Texture Artist) and Raison Varner (Audio Lead).

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