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BioShock Infinite Motorized Sky-hook Replica

21 Apr
April 21, 2013

The latest addition to my growing collection of video game collectibles is the BioShock Infinite Motorized Sky-hook Replica. When my Sky-hook arrived, I was fully expecting it to be a scaled down replica of what I’d imagine the real thing to be, but to my surprise it was a full size 1:1 replica. Much larger than I’d even imagined. It’s almost entirely made of plastic and yes, it really spins, but it’s not an electric motor, you have to spin it Read more →

My First Gaming Rig Build

21 Apr
April 21, 2013

So I recently decided it was finally time to build a gaming rig. At first, my plan was to buy a Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet, but after pre-ordering at midnight and being told I wouldn’t receive one until May, I decided to cancel my pre-order and build a gaming rig instead. Could not be happier with my decision, by the time I would have finished buying all the accessories for the Razer Edge Pro, I’d be pretty close to the cost of my build.

I’ll include links to everything I put into my build in case you feel like doing the same.


I’m currently around $2200 (rough guesstimate) into my build and pretty much finished besides a new power supply and another Graphics card to SLI in the future.

What I got for $2200:
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iPhone 4S Photos

22 Aug
August 22, 2012

The more I use my iPhone as a camera, the more I love the quality of photos it produces. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a point and shoot, they’re definitely moving in the right direction. I can’t wait to see the improvements made on the iPhone 5.

Photos were all taken with the iPhone 4S using Camera+.


Borderlands 2 “Wimoweh” Trailer

15 Jul
July 15, 2012

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the previous Borderlands 2 wubwub trailer, the Wimoweh trailer is by far my favorite. Check it out.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 “A New Day” Review [Xbox 360/PC]

02 May
May 2, 2012

I’ll admit it, when I first heard Telltale Games was taking the first shot at making The Walking Dead game, as a fan, I was worried. I felt the game needed to be an adventure game, not just a point and click, like Telltale is known for. I’m happy to say that all my fears were put to rest when I finally got my Read more →