Cake Mania Main Street Review

22 Nov
November 22, 2010

Cake Mania Street is the 4th addition to the Cake Mania time management series from Sandlot Games. In Cake Mania your goal is to help Jill and her friends save Bakersfield by bringing the shops downtown back to life.

In addition to the Bakery in Cake mania street, you can now purchase and open up a variety of new restaurants and shops all with different mini games to help you earn more money. You can use the money earned to buy new shops, purchase upgrades, or even build tourist attractions to bring in more people to your town.

Each mini game consists of 2 goals to make your money, the first being your regular goal, that if not met you don’t make any money at all and the second, super star, if you hit superstar then you get an extra bonus for the day, these goals can become pretty difficult if you don’t manage your time wisely and upgrade your shop with the right items. Also if you get ahead of yourself and make too many things for the day, you end up having to throw away the left overs and wasting money.

There are a huge variety of upgrades to help you earn more money and make your shops run more efficiently, for instance the first thing I would almost always buy was a cookie oven for my shop, giving your customers fresh baked cookies buys you a little more time to complete their order, at some points this can make or break you. You can also but more machines to complete your work faster or even a telephone to take on even more orders.

Cake Mania Main Street is yet another addicting game from Sandlot games, proving yet once again Sandlot Games is one of the best at making casual games. I found myself playing for hours at a time and not even realizing so much time had passed. For $6.99 Cake Mania Street is well worth it. Cake Mania Street is challenging, easy to play, has plenty of levels to keep you busy for hours and overall fun for the entire family.

Cake Mania Main Street was provided for review by the publisher.


Cake Mania Main Street

Platform: Nintendo DS, PC; Rated E

Developer: Sandlot Games

Publisher: Sandlot Games

Release: October 7th, 2009

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