Aloha Expo 2011

22 May
May 22, 2011

Around 4-5 months ago, during a visit to Henry’s Market, one of the cashiers took notice of my wife’s MauiBuilt sweat shirt and asked if she was from Hawaii. My wife replied yes, and the cashier went on tell us about an Aloha Expo 2011 coming up in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Interested, my wife and I headed home and did some research on the expo, and decided we’d attend.

Never hearing of the expo before, we went with low expectations, especially since the expo was located in a park, in an industrial area. Imagine our surprise when we arrived and saw just how large the expo was. There was easily 30+ booths set up with different Hawaiian themed close, trinkets, jewelry, plenty of food, and a stage where Hula Dancers performed. Heritage Park, where the event was held, was well maintained and the scenery was beautiful, definitely somewhere I’d like to go back and visit again.

We made our way to the closest food stand and put in an order for Huli Huli chicken and beef plates. I personally enjoyed both plates, but my wife and son favored the Huli Huli chicken more than the beef. After we finished eating we decided we needed more, so my wife headed out to find some manapuas (steamed pork buns) and malasadas (sugar coated, fried dough pastry, talk about delicious! We also came across some interesting candy sushi rolls made from rice krispie treats and various types of candies.

Overall we had a great time, I took some great pictures of the different booths, had some great food, and enjoyed the time with the family. I definitely plan to go back for Aloha Expo 2012.

If you’re interested in checking out some of my photos, check out my Flickr.

Heritage Park Address:

Heritage Park
12100 Mora Drive
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-3759

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  1. Minnie Moore says:

    Do you have the date set for Aloha Expo 2012? I’m making plans to attend next year and want to block it off my calendar.



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